Invitation to obtain visa

Visas of the Republic of Kazakhstan are issued based on an invitationarranged by the host party at AEC not later than 14 calendar days and notearlier than 90 calendar days before the expected date of entry of a foreigncitizen to the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Documents to be submitted to AEC:  

Copy of the certificate of registration of a legal entity (branch,representative offices) by the Acting Law of the AIFC, translated intoKazakh or Russian (once a year);
Notarized copy of the charter of the legal entity, translated into Kazakhor Russian (once a year);
Order of the legal entity on the appointment of its representative forthe delivery of documents/power of attorney, along with a copy of theidentity document of the representative/authorized person (once ayear);
The host party requesting the invitation from the members of theboard of directors - a copy of the minutes of the general meeting ofshareholders on the election of members of the board of directors(once a year);
Completed form in 2 hard copies (dowload link below);
Document confirming the payment of all required feesInvitation processing is subjected to the payment of the state fee (click link) and AEC service fees accordingly;
Other documents depending on the visa category.

Visa is issued:

In foreign missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

In Kazakhstan through AEC.