Police Registration

Registration rules

Foreign citizens planning to stay in Kazakhstan for more than 5 calendar days from the date of crossing the State border, are obliged to register within 3 business days with the AEC by a written requests of the host party. If the stay is for less than 5 calendar days, registration is not required. Foreign citizens staying on visa-free regime (click here) and staying on the simplified visa regime (click here) according to the list are registered upon arrival at the airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Registration procedure

Documents to be submitted to AEC for registration of foreign citizens:

  •  Application (dowload link below); 
  •  Original passport; 
  •  Migration card.

The inviting party bears full responsibility for the compliance with terms of and conditions for entry and stay of foreign citizens in Kazakhstan, including in due time:

  • Entry; 
  • Stay permit/registration; 
  • Leave.

Application Form.docx

Police Registration