Business visa for short-term stay

For a short stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign business partners may obtain single-entry business visas following categories:
•B1 - for participation in the conference of forums, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural or scientific events; Validity: up to 90 days/Permitted term: up to 60 days.
•B3 - for negotiations and conclusions of contracts/agreements, as well as for the founders or the Board of Directors; Validity: up to 90 days/Permitted term: up to 30 days. 
Visa is issued based on invitation letter arranged by host party. 
Citizens of countries that have a visa-free regime with the Republic of Kazakhstan for a set period can stay, with short-term business visit purposes without visa (the list of visa exempted countries).

1. Visa invitation

Documents to be submitted to AEC for an invitation: 
  • Clear copy of passport; 
  • Copy of the document confirming the long-term stay (residence/work permit, long-term visitor/dependent visa with an official translation into Kazakh or Russian), if the invited party permanently resides and plans to apply for a visa out of the country of citizenship (for AIFC Bodies and Participants is not required).
  • Document confirming the payment of the state fee 
The processing time is 5 business days. 
An e-mail notification will be sent once the invitation is approved.

2. Visa issuance

Required documents for B1/B3 visa issuance: 
  • Approved invitation; 
Citizens of the countries listed in the list are not required to receive an invitation for a single-entry business visa. 
  • Visa application form (download link below); 
  • Colour, or black and white photograph 3.5 x 4.5 cm; 
  • Original passport; 
  • Visa processing is subjected to the payment of consular fee (depending on the place of obtaining the visa);   
  • Document confirming permanent residence in a third country (if necessary). 
Single-entry business visas B1/B3 are not extended. 

3. Visa renewal

Visa renewal is carried out in the following cases:
•physical damage to the visa (leading to the impossibility of its further use); 
•loss of visa; 
•issuance of a new passport (if a visa holder applies for a new passport having the valid visa). 
Documents to be submitted to AEC for В1/ В3 visa renewal: 
•Notice of loss/application; 
•For the further renewal of the visa, it is necessary to re-submit all the required documents specified in Section 1 and 2

4. Visa cancellation

Documents to be submitted to AEC for B1/B3 visa cancellation: 
  • Application; 
  • Original passport.

5. Visa category change

A visa can be changed from business visa B3 to work visa C3 and business visa B2.
The change of the category is carried out by submitting documents to AEC for the work visa С3, indicated in page Work visa/Dependent visa and for the work visa B2, indicated in page Business visa for short-term stay.