Frequently asked questions:

1. What is AIFC Expat Centre (AEC)? 

AIFC Expat Centre (AEC) is a "single window" principle specialised centre of the AIFC Authority.Our mission is to establish favourable entry and residing conditions for the AIFC international business partners and expatriates in Kazakhstan. 


2. Who are the clients of AIFC Expat Centre (AEC)? 

AEC is designed to assist the AIFC Bodies and Participants, legal entities hiring foreign employees, and also all international guests and expatriates in Kazakhstan with any issues on entry and stay in Kazakhstan.


3. What services are available at the AIFC Expat Centre (AEC)? 

AEC assists with all visa related services (Kazakhstan visa only), registration, taxpayer services (IIN, etc.), a wide range of e-government services (EDS, etc.), notary and translation, document photo services, payment terminals, guidance on real estate agencies, schools search, must-see attractions in Astana, etc. 


4. What are the Visa preferences for the AIFC Participants? 

AIFC Participants may hire foreign employees without obtaining work permits for them. Foreign employees of the AIFC Participant and members of their family may get corresponding work visas for up to 5 years. 


5. How could be arranged the first entry to the Republic of Kazakhstan? 

A foreign national entering the Republic of Kazakhstan is required to present a passport and a valid visa, unless they are a citizen of a country eligible for visa-free entry when their visit purposes are short-term tourism, business, conferences, private, etc. Foreign nationals who are not on the list should obtain short-term tourist, business or private visas. The visa is issued based on the invitation arranged by a host party in Kazakhstan. 


6. What are the essential "To-Do's" to enter and reside in Kazakhstan as an expatriate? 

To meet residing conditions, foreign national may need to get a long-term visa, taxpayer registration number and electronic digital signature. These services could be rendered as a one-time service package by the AEC. 


7. What are the unique benefits the AIFC Expat Centre (AEC)?

Our uniqueness is that a wide range of government services rendered in English at one place with no bureaucratic and language barriers. 


8. Can the family members of the foreign employees be serviced at AIFC Expat Centre (AEC)? 

Both foreign employees and their family members are welcomed to get government and non-government services at AEC. Dependent family members must provide confirmation of relationship and copy of the visa of a primary applicant. Other family members can get the tourist visa B12 via any travel agencies. 


9. Does the AIFC Expat Centre (AEC) charge the service fee? 

All AEC services are subjected to the payment of the state fee and AEC service fees accordingly.