The Expat Centre have been very helpful in enabling me to establish my companies in the AIFC. As a non-Russian or Kazakh speaker they were able to help me navigate the various Government and banking requirements. Without the assistance of the Expat Centre this would have been much harder and taken much longer. Many thanks for your help.
I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent seamless service provided by the AIFC Expat Centre with regards to securing my work visa and the individual identification number. The Expat Centre is indeed a one-stop shop for all matters concerning expats and I would highly recommend using their expert services. I would like to make particular mention of two people who were very helpful and supportive in the entire process, namely Saule Ibragimova and Adil Smagulov. The Expat Centre liaised in a very efficient, effective and productive manner with the AIFC Authority Legal Department who were acting on my behalf. Many thanks and best wishes to everyone.
The service level is simply fantastic, the application is straight forward, the time to process and turnaround the approved visa was less than a week. The most unexpected event was that the approved visa was delivered to me by the Expat Centre staff and she even explained to me the Category B visa rules and regulations. Thank you excellent support.
Dear Expat Center Manager,                                                                                                                                                                                                    I would like to compliment all of your employees for the excellent service they provided me, All of them helped me to sort out my correct name on my national ID after I discovered that it was wrongly mentioning my Family name.I have been very pleased by the service I received in your center, Moreover, your staff professionalism and ability to get to the solution quickly exceeds all my expectation Within the same day, they were able to identify the problem, founding a solution and even taking me through the process personally in each and every step, until I got my new ID Such a commitment to their job is to be highly recognized and appreciated, you can make sure that I will address all the expats matters directly to your center.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Best wishes of continuous perfect service experience.
The depth and level of courtesy, assistance, professionalism, customer service provided by The Expat Centre exceeded my expectations, way beyond what I have experienced in all the countries that my consulting assignment has taken me to-date. The personal attention provided by Nurlan (the Head of Expat Centre), despite his busy schedule, was unprecedented, the level of assistance extended by Ainur was a delight and the customer service experience when I was at the Centre, for my work visa process, interacting with Zarina was exceptional. And I would not want to miss appreciating the logistics help provided to me by Aisultan, beyond the call of his duty.I truly believe, The Expat Centre is truly a fine example for all to emulate in professionalism and customer service.Thank you vey much.
Добрый день,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Наша компания имела неоднократный опыт взаимодействия с expat центром МФЦА. Выражаем от лица нашей компании и от лица наших клиентов свою благодарность всему персоналу за быструю обратную связь, помощь в решении вопросов, связанных с получением необходимых документов, а также за обширную консультационную поддержку.Благодаря Вам у нашей компании и у наших клиентов складывается устойчивое положительное впечатление о деятельности МФЦА.                                                                                                    С уважением и наилучшими пожеланиями,                                                                                                                                                                Павел Волков.
Добрый день!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        В  начале 2018 года было принято решение расширить бизнес нашей международной инновационной компании - разработчика блокчейн платформы - Waves Platform. В качестве генерального директора казахстанского юридического лица Waves Vostok Limited я начал процесс регистрации компании в Казахстане, в юрисдикции МФЦА. Наша компания была в числе первых 20 компаний-резидентов, поэтому процедуры были еще не отработаны, и не было единой точки входа (документации и тд). Несмотря на некий хаос и неопределенность, несколько сотрудников AIFC\AFSA взяли на себя ответственность и помогли со многими вопросами, в частности Адиль Смагулов из экспат-центра и Рамазан из AFSA. В целом, все встречающиеся сотрудники на моем пути пытались помочь, но именно эти сотрудники являлись центрами компетенций по многим вопросам, поддерживая связь по телефону\почте\в мессенджерах в рабочее и нерабочее время, в будни и выходные. Хотел бы поблагодарить команду экспат-центра и AFSA за то, что нашей компании удалось в короткие сроки зарегистрироваться в МФЦА, благодаря чему мы успели к началу выставки Astana FinDays, где наш проект был представлен лично Президенту РК.                                                                                                                                                                                  С Уважением, Георгий Брянов
It was a pleasure to work with AIFC Expat Centre. These guys are very energetic and goal oriented. All servicies were delivered very fast without any problems. Thanks
The employees in expat center I met are quite nice and helpful. Mr. Adil helped us get the working visa and open the bank account here which is quite considerate. Glad to hear that the process for the working visa has been shorten significantly. The expat center also helped me and my Chinese colleagues to find renting agencies here. We really appreciate it.
AIFC Expat Center staff work very well. Workers are very professional, friendly and helpful. I want to note Saule and Adil they helped me a lot to fill out a visa application form. I wish this organization and staff prosperity and gowth in all aspect.
AIFC extended a good support in our deliverables. They are very nice customer to work with.
The support from Expat centre was exceptional, especially by Mr. Adil Smagulov. He took the pain to personally take me to the government service centre arranged my EDS registration. Also my wife's IIN was arranged in a single working day, which used to take more than a week when applied directly.
The Expat Centre have been very useful in helping international faculty of the University by providing IIN numbers in short amount of time. Many thanks to Adil and Saule for continuous help.
Thank you to xpatcentre for helping, especially to Saule!
I would like to thank AIFC Expat Centre staff, especially Adil, Saule and Aisultan, who helped us to get the visa for our guests. I appreciate their timely support. It was a great pleasure to work with such a professionals!
The managers of expat centre are always assist in all visa related matters.                                                                                                                        They are client oriented and supportive.                                                                                                                                                                            Thank you very much for your assistance and support!!!
I cooperated with the Expat Centre on matters of visa and registration of foreign employees. And I’m happy to express my positive feedback about quality of provided services. They follow high standards, complete tasks accurately and within tight deadlines. Moreover, they are always supportive and helpful. I wish them all the best. Thank you for excellent service and support!
I would like to thank the team at the Expat Centre, since they were very helpful during all the application process. Their professional attitude has been important, especially while working with Government entities. With their assistance we could manage to establish our company in a short time period, which was also of a great importance. I have to emphasize great work of Saule, who could help us to obtain required documents within established timelines. Wish the further development.
The service was excellent! The staff was very helpful and supportive throughout the process.
On behalf of Atomic 47 I would like to give positive feedback for AIFC Expat Center team and especially Adil Smagulov, who provided excellent service and support with IIN application processes. Thank you!  
I've used the notary and translation services of AIFC Expat Centre three times now. They have helped me with notarzing documents in English for government agencies in the US, they have also helped me in translating and notarizing my passport from English to Russian as well as translating and notarizing my marriage certificate from Russian to English. Every time I contact them they are always more than capable and willing to help me with anything I need. It is always a quick and painless process and they make me feel comfortable and welcome. I typically always contact and work with Saule when I require their services, she is super friendly and always willing to go over the top to help out. I highly recommend AIFC Expat Centre for all expats living in Astana for any of your notary and translation needs. 
Helpful, attention to detail and knowledgeable in their domain, I'd like to express my appreciation and commend the exceptional level of professionalism exhibited by my colleagues at the Expat centre.
On behalf of the AIFC Authority, we've been working very closely with AIFC Expat Center Team on providing of governmental services to AIFC Perspective Participants. Whereas the AEC function plays an irreplaceable role in providing relevant conditions for allocation of the AIFC expatriates and KZ non-residents doing business in the country and their future comfortable residence in the state.The high-level customer support provided by AEC Team based on a number of successfully delivered cases deemed to be an invaluable input in our joint efforts on attracting and allocation of world businesses to KZ and creating a comprehensive AIFC eco-system that satisfies with worlds best international practices.From my side, I would like to put a separate note of thankfulness to all AEX team in face of Adil Smagulov, Ainur Zhumatova, Farkhat Kassymov, Merey Kuandykov, Olzhas Bukenov, and Zarina Tussepbekova, under the skillful guidance of Nurlan Toimbek and wish you best of luck and prosperity in all your professional and live endeavors.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yours faithfully,Olzhas Alipbayev
International Relations Department cooperates with Expat Centre on visa issues for foreign partners and employees.We would like to note the high professionalism of Expat Centre employees and express our gratitude to dear Zarina Tussupbekova for support, help, responsibility and prompt communication.Also, we would like to take a moment and congratulate the whole team of Expat Centre with the upcoming holidays. Wish good luck and confidently go in the direction of great success in the New Year 2019.Yours sincerely,International Relations Department
Your people works really good, nice service. I would wish to have an option to fill all applications online.
The Islamic Finance department works closely with the AIFC Expat Centre on matters of visa issuance for our international partners and the AIFC participants. Especially we would like to note a great cooperation and an excellent service of the Expat Centre that was crucial in holding such a tremendous event as Astana Islamic Eonomy Forum in the framework of the Astana Finance Days. With the contribution of the AIFC Expat Centre we could invite leading experts in the field of Islamic Finance that had shared their vision on perspectives of Islamic econmy here in Astana. We are lucky to have such professional colleagues with whom we work on a daily basis that always show their great customer care and their dedication in work. Best regards, Islamic finance department.
I want to Thank Zarina Tussupbekova and all the hard-working associates in AIFC EXPAT for supporting us on the visa issue. Thank your professionalism and outstanding capacity of work, we could obtain the sustainable possibility for doing business in RK. The submission procedure is clear and logical, not to mention the operative respond of Migration Authority. Credits to Zarina Tussupbekova and Big thanks to AIFC EXPAT.
Dear Expat Centre Team, (Who does not thank the people is not thankful to god) I sincerely thank you for your dedication and commitment in helping me getting my visa. Special thanks to Zarina, Your work is truly commendable and I appreciate your contribution and unlimited support! I admire your strong work ethic and personal integrity. Once again, Thank you so much! AbdulRahman Musawa General Director of Ejaztna Pte. Ltd.
I visited the Expat Centre to apply for my Individual Identification Number (IIN). As a non-Russian speaker, it would have been much harder without the Expat Centre. I would specifically mention Saule who is a very friendly, helpful and brilliant lady. She took me to the person to translate my passport from English to Russian. She helped me in filling out the application form and informed me when my IIN was issued in three working days. I would highly recommend the services which Expat Centre provide to foreigners living in Astana. Once again my special thanks and best wishes to Saule.