Marshmallow Academy

In fact, our name derives from the famous and groundbreaking "Marshmallow Test" research which included preschoolers, sweets and one of the most influential psychologists of 20th century, Walter Mischel.
It took place at Stanford University in the 1960-s and continued for almost 50 years!
Nowadays, it's becoming more challenging to juggle work and life. However, choosing the right chidlcare is a guarantee of a happy atmosphere in your family.
We  realise that early education is one of the most important aspects of a child's development.  Let us help you and take the weight off your shoulders.
​At Marshmallow Academy we aim to  prepare your children academically, as well as nurture their individuality, We also aim to bestow upon them an insatiable love for education. Our philosophies of good manners and kindness will accompany their education. Our kind, awe-inspiring teachers will make everyday of your little ones a remarkable and fun-filled experience.
Contact details:
Mobile number: +7 775 1201515
Address: Baitursynuly 9, Highvill Astana, Block F2