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Information about e-visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan

ASTANA, January 1, 2019 - The Republic of Kazakhstan is introducing a procedure for obtaining a single entry visa for foreigners in electronic format from January 1, 2019. 

An electronic visa (business, tourist and medical treatment) is issued based on a valid invitation from the Kazakh side, considered by the migration service units of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the established procedure.

Foreigners can enter/exit the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan using a valid electronic visa only through the checkpoints of international airports of Astana and Almaty.

Tourist electronic visas are issued to citizens of 117 states, business and medical treatment visas - 23 states (the list of countries is attached).

The electronic visa is valid only for the recipient of the visa and does not apply to accompanying persons.

Paid consular fees are not refundable.

Passport provided by the recipient of a visa should meet the following criteria:

1) should not cause doubts in authenticity and belonging to its owner, have marks of extension, reservations, notes, erasures and corrections, torn or unsewn pages;

2) should have at least 2 blank pages;

3) should expire no earlier than 3 months from the expiry date of the requested visa.

The Kazakh inviting side informs the migration authorities about arrived foreigners within three working days (this service is available online at the Visa and Migration Portal).

Step-by-step e-visa issuance algorithm

- in order to obtain an electronic visa, you should register on the website of the Visa and Migration Portal (;

- after registration, learn about the requirements for obtaining an electronic visa;

- enter the invitation number (sent by the inviting side in the Republic of Kazakhstan) and fill in the visa application form;

- pay the consular fee;

- print an electronic visa (the visa is formed in the personal cabinet as well as sent to the email address you provided when filling in the registration form);

- present a printed electronic visa when passing through passport control at international airports in Astana and Almaty.

List of countries citizens of which may be issued an electronic single entry tourist visa to the Republic of Kazakhstan

1. Algeria2. Andorra3. Angola4. Antigua and Barbuda5. Aruba6. Bahamas7. Bahrain8. Bangladesh9. Barbados10. Belize11. Benin12. Bhutan13. Bolivia14. Botswana15. Brunei Darussalam16. Burkina Faso - Upper Volta17. Burundi18. Cambodia19. Cameroon20. Central African Republic21. Chad22. China23. Colombia24. Comoros25. Congo (Republic)26. Costa Rica27. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)28. Cuba29. Democratic People's Republic of Korea30. Djibouti31. Dominica32. Dominican Republic33. El Salvador34. Eritrea35. Ethiopia36. Faroe Islands37. Fiji38. Gabon39. Gambia40. Ghana41. Grenada42. Guatemala43. Guinea44. Guinea-Bissau45. Guyana46. Haiti47. Honduras48. India49. Indonesia50. Jamaica51. Kenya52. Kiribati53. Kuwait54. Laos55. Lebanon56. Lesotho57. Liberia58. Liechtenstein59. Macao60. Macedonia61. Madagascar62. Malawi63. Maldives64. Mali65. Marshall Islands66. Mauritania67. Mauritius68. Micronesia69. Montenegro70. Morocco71. Mozambique72. Myanmar (Burma)73. Namibia74. Nauru75. Nepal76. Nicaragua77. Niger78. Nigeria79. Oman80. Palau81. Panama82. Papua New Guinea83. Paraguay84. Peru85. Philippines86. Qatar87. Rwanda88. Saint Kitts and Nevis89. Saint Lucia90. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines91. Samoa92. San Marino93. Sao Tome and Principe94. Saudi Arabia95. Senegal96. Swaziland97. Seychelles98. Sierra Leone99. South Africa100. Sri Lanka101. Suriname102. Tanzania103. Thailand104. Togo105. Tonga106. Trinidad and Tobago107. Tunisia108. Turkmenistan109. Tuvalu110. Uganda111. Uruguay112. Vanuatu113. Vatican114. Venezuela115. Viet Nam116. Zambia117. Zimbabwe 

List of countries citizens of which may be issued an electronic single entry business and medical treatment visa to the Republic of Kazakhstan1. Bahamas2. Bermuda3. Burundi4. Honduras5. Greenland6. Indonesia7. Qatar8. Kuwait9. Laos10. Macao11. Morocco12. Vatican13. Virgin Islands14. Vietnam15. Haiti16. Cambodia17. Cuba18. Macedonia19. Nicaragua20. Oman21. Serbia22. South Africa23. Montenegro