Sports are a part of everyday life, where would we be without them? Spending our weekends doing miserable things like going to shops or visiting relatives, that's where.

Barys Arena

Ice hockey is a fast-moving sport and it will never get you bored if you are following the puck back and forth down the ice, hearing the noise of the skates carving into the ice, or even hearing the players get punched each other while sitting on the bench. Come to wath a real ice hockey game and support local hockey team Barys.
Also Barys Arena Multifunctional Ice Palace in Astana, there are two ice hockey rinks, as well as swimming pools. The main ice arena of the palace, which seats almost 12,000 spectators, is capable of transforming into a basketball, volleyball or mini-football court in a short time, placing a boxing ring or a stage.
Price: Please check the calendar of games.
Address: Astana, 75/1 Turan Avenue

Astana Arena

Why do you love football? What is his charm? Because football is a work of art and because of this game the whole world forgets everything in the world. This is one of the most ingenious inventions of mankind, this game that you always want to play and watch.
The sports complex Astana Arena has a seating capacity of 30 000 spectators. One of six similar constructions in the world, with a retractable roof system size of 10,000 sq.m.
Price: Please check the calendar of games.
Address: Astana, 48 Turan Avenue

Tennis in Astana

You are playing tennis for years, or just have signed up for lessons or want to just simply to play with colleagues and family finding the right tennis court to get your game on can be tricky. In Astana are a variety of tennis court options (in total 244 courts) for players of all ages and abilities. If you are not sure where you want to score your next game point, consider one of them from official website of Kazakhstan Tennis Federation.
Also, tennis fans in Astana will have a unique chance to see the matches of the leading tennis players from other countries.
Price: Please check the calendar of games.